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Serbian Intelligence Network is being supervised by Vuk Mirčetić, 22 year-old law student from Belgrade, Serbia.

Professional career

Many children change they life dream about future career from time to time, but since the time when he started elementary school, he wanted to become a lawyer.

Currently, he is studying law at judicial administrative department at Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, chasing his boy dream that is slowly becoming reality.
Before he started studying law, he finished one of the best and the hardest high schools in Serbia First Belgrade gymnasium.

Beside that, he is very active in sport and NGO sector.

Sport career

In the past, he was training track & field – running at 200m and 400m, where he was state champion few times with AC Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) and also in top 10 runners in Serbia for discipline 400m in 2007. After that, he tried rugby and american football, but he always stays faithful to running. Even now, he is jogging and training local kids to keep them away from the street and the bad influence.

In 2009 he found himself in Olympic game that is not very popular in Serbia – curling, and he founded his own club – curling club Vukovi that became the most popular curling club at Balkans. Vukovi, with Vuk Mirčetić as their president and coach, are successfuly connected with many curling clubs, associations, curlers, firms and organizations from about 20 countries in whole over the world including USA, Canada, China, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia,…

NGO career

In 2007 he finished he became educator of JAZAS – association against AIDS for subject of sexually transmitted disease. Since that time, he stayed in NGO sector and completed many trainings and seminars in Serbia and abroad (Russia, Slovenia, republic of Macedonia among others).

In first half of 2010, he founded The Youth of Mensa Serbia and became the first president of The Youth of Mensa Serbia, as a part of Mensa Serbia, and did several open lectures, trainings, pools, seminars. Unfortunately the presidency of Mensa Serbia in not very supportive for its youth, The Youth of Mensa Serbia is not very active in 2011.

In 2010 he also joined ELSA Belgrade (the European Law Students’ Association) that is the leading organization at Faculty of Law where he is studying. Same year in December he became FR director by being unanimously voted.

In 2011 he was recruited by Balkan Security Network, where his leadership, presentation, public speaking and other skills are being improved, hopefully to perfection and where he is working as junior consultant and trainer along with many experts like Harvard graduate, professor from Newcastle University, etc.

Beside his activity in Serbian Intelligence Network and The Youth of Mensa Serbia, he is also active member of AtlantIQ society, GrIQ society and Mensa International.

Other info

He enjoys training (running and gym) with his friends and coaching local kids.

His hobby is collecting antiques, especially from the Roman period, web, graphic and logo design, enjoying life and making it a better place.


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