All GRIQ Society Members can now post and edit their articles on the main GRIQ Society web. If you are interested in this option, you can follow these steps:

1. Register an account in
2. Email the society administration ( or Evangelos Katsioulis ( and inform us of your username, full name and all your WIN Societies memberships. Your email should have the title:

[GRIQ Society web]: Editor rights request

As soon as your account includes Editor rights, you can post your artwork, articles, poems, writings, thoughts and any non-commercial link and information directly to the GRIQ Society web.

Just to mention that the GRIQ Society web and the WIN web is now among the top 400,000 websites (Alexa rank) and its Google PageRank is 4/10.

Looking forward to hearing and reading from you.

Evangelos Katsioulis