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General Information

My name is Elizabeth Anne Scott and I was born in Scotland many years ago.



I enjoy solving High Range IQ Tests, Gardening, Reading Mysteries, Crosswords, Photography, Jogging, Singing, Painting in Water Colours, Macrame, Cross-stitch, Classical Music and Computer Studies.


I have a trained voice and have sung 1st. Soprano in Choirs throughout the World, including Saudi Arabia.

I love to relax at home with my favourite classical music, the Verdi Requiem.

In 2009, at the local College, I enrolled on a 6 months Art Course. I thoroughly enjoyed, being creative and interacting with others.

A Calendar was the main project. I enjoyed creating it, in Publisher for the Class.



I am a Trained Teacher. I was I.T. Tutor at the local College for almost 6 years, until it closed in 2010.


High IQ Societies memberships

I am a member of many High IQ Societies, including the International High IQ Society, the Brain Society, ISI-Society, IQ Nexus, Mysterium High IQ Society, QIQ Society, Elite IQ Society and a Member of the Gifted High IQ Network.



Email: [email protected]

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