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Mr.Sudarshan Murthy holds a post graduate degree in Pharmacy from a reputed Institution in India. Currently he works as a Scientist at a reputed Food Company in India. He can be reached at : [email protected].

He is married to an Engineer.He has an younger sister,who is a practicing doctor in Australia.

His hobbies include Numismatics,Philately,Reading books authored by Alistair maclean,Sidney sheldon,Stephen Covey,Napolean Hill etc.Browsing on a variety of subjects.

The topic of interests is on Vedic Science,Vedic Architecture and Vedic mathematics i.e.curious about the science in the religious texts

He is a holder of several scholarships like National Merit Scholarship for securing 85%marks in the Higher Secondary School Examination and National Merit Scholarship for qualifying in the All India Entrance examination for post graduate course in Pharmacy.

He has also completed a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Advanced Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs from Indian University.Currently he is pursuing Masters in Business Management from a reputed distance learning University in India.

His Post Graduate thesis work entitled “strategies for gastric ulcer therapy” has been published as print-on-demand book by a leading publisher in Germany and is available in on-line book stores like,,, etc.

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